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László Bary
Chief Financial Officer
Chartered Economist and Auditor
Since 1982 László Bary has worked as the Finance Director of a number of companies and organisations, including the National Market Research Institute and the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation, where, as Head of Accounting, he was responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory reporting, tax reporting and other related auditing obligations.

Between 1996 and 1998 László worked as a senior auditor for the Hungarian operation of Arthur Andersen, one of what was then the Big 6 international accounting and advisory firms, where he conducted numerous audits for both Hungarian and multinational companies, and also frequently acted as an advisor.

He plays an active role in higher- and post-graduate education in Hungary, regularly lecturing on his fields of specialist expertise at Corvinus University of Budapest for students enrolled on full-time and evening or correspondence courses, while also being involved on a permanent basis in delivering training on taxation for certified auditors. László also runs mandatory annual in-service training for practising auditors in Budapest and other cities around the country.

László is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Forensic Experts and a certified forensic auditor with countrywide authorisation in “economics, customs and specific areas of finance”. He is the author of numerous expert opinions in these fields, and has been regularly assigned or requested as an expert on issues relating to accounting, taxation and company valuation.

In 1998 he became Chief Financial Officer of Danubia and a Member of the Board of Management. He has direct oversight of the day-to-day operation of the accounting-, finance- and internal services departments. As a member of the senior management, he supervises the accounting, financial and taxation activities of Danubia itself, as well as the firms which operate in close collaboration with Danubia, i.e. Danubia IP Ltd., Qualidation Ltd., Judit Lantos Law Firm, Szakács & Tálas Law Firm and Klauber Law Firm. He also participates in the strategic planning of the Danubia Group’s operation.

In 1982 László graduated as a teacher of accounting, statistics and computer science from Budapest’s Marx Károly University of Economics; two years later he completed his studies to become a chartered accountant before going on to qualify as a certified auditor in 1992, and later as a certified foresic auditor.

Professional Memberships

» Chamber of Hungarian Auditors
» Hungarian Chamber of Forensic Experts

Principal Areas of Expertise

» Accountancy, taxation, finance, national insurance and human resources