Electronic white stick

Representative No: U1700094
Type of IP: Utility Model
Industry: healthcare, medical and other equipments ; ICT and electronics

The aim of the invention is to provide an electronic blind stick in which the antenna, serving as excitation unit and for detecting the signals of the oscillating circuits, has a relatively small mass and is placed as close to the ground-level-end of the white stick as possible, allowing the blind stick to be used comfortably for longer periods. An electronic blind stick (1) having a first end portion (3) and a second end portion (4) having a handle (5), the blind stick comprising a signal processing unit (11) and a signal conversion unit (10) connected to the signal processing unit (11), a power source (12) and a signaling unit (13) for generating an oscillating signal and/or an audible signal, and wherein in the second end part (4) an antenna (14) for activating the LC oscillating circuit and receiving the oscillating circuit signal is arranged, which is connected (16) to the signal processing unit (11), characterized in that the antenna (14) is arranged in the second end part (4) in the form of a multi-threaded coil in a loop-like passage (15) formed in a plane substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the blind rod (1). The device can ideally be used in combination with an LC oscillating circuit guide line built into the walking surface.