Measurement of complement activation products on antigen arrays

Representative No: WO2008007159
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Healthcare, Medical and Other Equipments

The basis of the present invention is that antigens on an antigen array can initiate complement activation both by antibody-dependent or -independent way. The systems and methods disclosed herein can be used in methods of diagnosing and monitoring particular autoimmune disorders and infections. The invention relates to a new diagnostic method, utilizing an antigen array for simultaneously identifying different antigens capable of activating the complement system, in a quantitative fashion; to multiplex immunoassays utilizing antigen arrays, and more particularly to systems, methods and kits for qualitative and quantitative detection of antigens activating complement in a biological sample, via the measurement of complement components deposited on antigen arrays. The invention employs the functional complement system in the biological sample tested, thereby the information gained relates to antigen recognition properties and functional consequences in the organism from which the sample was taken and relies on the ability of antigen recognition molecules, primarily antibodies to activate the complement system in the sample tested, upon binding to elements of an antigen array.