Method and apparatus for checking a pipeline for leaking

Representative No: P1300076
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Measurement and control technology, Oil Industry

The method of the subject matter innovation is used for detecting leaks in pipelines carrying a flowing medium. During the process, the volume flow of the flowing medium is started to be measured at the starting point of the pipe network; examining whether the measured volume flow is greater than a predetermined detection threshold; if the measured flow rate is greater than the detection threshold, the reception time is measured; if the reception time exceeds a predetermined maximum time interval, detecting a leak is recorded and optionally an alarm signal (R1) is generated; in all other cases the operation is considered to be normal. Apparatus for performing the above method comprises a flow meter (1) having a digital output signal and a microprocessor control unit (3) connected to its output. The control unit (3) comprises a sampling unit (3.1) connected with one input to the output of the flow meter (1) and with another input to a signal corresponding to a given lower consumption threshold (Qmin), the output of which is connected to one of the inputs of a timing unit (3.2). The other input of the timing unit (3.2) is connected to a preset signal corresponding to the maximum reception time (t) and its output is connected to the input of an error generating unit (3.3), one output of which is optionally connected to an alarm unit (3.4).