Thermal-electronic logic circuits
Neuromorphic implementation of controlled multimode oscillator, majority gates, and grassfire algorithm

Representative No: WO/2022/003379
Type of IP: Unpublished patent application
Industry: ICT and electronics

Circuits of the proposed VO2 based solution are based on the integrated application of a thermal-electronic active device (phonon transistor, or phonsistor, which is one special member of neuristor family). Phonsistors consist of resistors that respond to temperature changes by metal/semiconductor phase transitions, and/or other resistors capable of producing heat. A number of resistor devices could be thermally and electrically coupled to, or isolated from each other, to form a multilevel network with complex transfer functions. The thermal-electronic system constructed this way may be capable of implementing highly integrated logic circuits (Thermal-Electronic Logic Circuits, TELC). As opposed to traditional circuits, all TELC gates have two parallel output functions. The currently insurmountable obstacles in CMOS systems relating to grassfire algorithm, various majority gates, and multimode oscillator may be overcome by TELC. TELC-enabled new functions, such as structural phase transition (SPT) phased chaotic oscillator and true random number generator (TRNG), make entirely new IT solutions possible in a simple and compact arrangement.