Transport robot for manufacturing lines

Representative No: WO/2020/099899
Type of IP: Utility Model
Industry: machinery, logistics

Objective of the invention is a transport robot for assembly lines, suitable for safely transporting heavy workpieces, e.g. engine blocks of motor vehicles, without human intervention, and that allows performing manual operations ergonomically on the workpiece by allowing manual adjustment of the height and inclination angle of the workpiece. The transport robot for assembly lines comprises a frame (1); wheels attached to the frame, wherein at least one of the wheels is a driven wheel (2); at least one motor connected to the at least one driven wheel (2); movable carrier platform (6); at least two linear actuators (5), which are connected to the frame (1) at one of their ends and are in articulated connection with the carrier platform (6) at their other ends; and a control unit that is connected at least to the motor, wherein the transport robot for assembly lines further comprises at least one vertical guiding column (4) that is in articulated connection with the carrier platform (6), and is vertically movably engaged with at least one guiding element (7) that is fixed to the frame (1).