Vehicle motion control system
Precise trajectory tracking and new trajectories for self-driving cars at the limits of handling

Representative No: P2000452
Type of IP: Unpublished patent application
Industry: travel and transportation

Motion control system, measuring the vehicle states and monitoring the road conditions, enables the vehicle to manoeuvre automatically while following precise trajectories with one or more saturated tires by stabilizing intervention in the steering system and targeted wheel torques. The system cooperates with the high-level behaviour planner of an autonomous vehicle through a trajectory interface that realizes a two-way communication with the continuous calculation of feasible trajectories, in full knowledge of the car and actuator capabilities. This makes it possible to implement the path requested by the behaviour planner unit. The calculation and realization of new feasible vehicle trajectories beyond friction limits expand possibilities of vehicle dynamics in both critical driving situations and motorsport applications – in a way that no human could.