A seminar organized by LES Hungary took place on last Friday (February 28, 2020) at Danubia Group HQ with the title of ‘Artificial Intelligence and IP’. The event was devoted to the issue of the changing role of intellectual property protection, and to the shifting requirements for the different stakeholders of the IP industry in an ecosystem where artificial intelligence gains more and more presence and importance.

The English language morning session was opened by Mr. István Molnár, President of LES Hungary. This problem statement was followed by the high quality, awareness-raising presentations of Mr. Manuel Desantes, and Mr. Péter Mezei. To enable foreign participants to join and benefit from the unique occasion, the morning event was broadcasted on the internet via webinar.

The afternoon session was composed of two in-depth analyses held by two specialists of Danubia Patent and Law Office Ltd., namely by Mr. Gábor Harangozó, and Ms. Patrícia Beregszászi.

We would like to express our gratitude to the speakers as well as to the participants of the day.