Danubia IPMall connects patent owners to potential licensors investors free of charge

Innovation in vain

Let’s imagine that we are inventors developing a solution for years. We put lots of our money and physical effort into it, we also have had the invention patented but have no sufficient monetary resources to generate a product for commercialization using this new innovative solution. Innovation is wasted without finding a way to put it on the market.

95% of patented innovations never get to be used in new products, services to promote economic growth. It is not surprising that most of the patents are early abandoned because paying the maintenance fee is uneconomical without return earned through commercialization. It often happens, that a start-up successfully can apply for a few patents and finds investors but as they go out of financial resources they need to licence the patent out to someone else instead of doing the product development by themselves.

On the other hand, many scientific papers address the problem of wasted R&D resources due to duplicate developments, some of which could be spared by making better use of the scientific and technology results already available.

Connection between inventors and investors

Danubia IPMall gives the solution to this market problem. Major aim of the IP marketplace is to match patents, patented technologies with market demand. The main goal here is to serve as a bridge and to establish key contacts between holders of unused but presumably exploitable patents or other intellectual property rights and relevant market players.

The solution is also effective on the investor’s side: anyone can advertise the industry area and scientific topic they are looking for technology – e.g. a pharmaceutical manufacturer is currently looking for any licensable solution. So scientists developing a drug without having the appropriate financial resources for further research, could find their very own investor here.

Currently the service is free of charge and will remain so for a long time – for both patent holders and for companies searching for technologies or investors alike. Once the connection between supply and demand has been established, Danubia will assist the parties in negotiating and concluding the transaction by ensuring best market practices. We also hope that we will be honoured by our satisfied customers with confidence in further R&D and intellectual property management and utilization issues. DANUBIA as a group of companies consists of a patent office, a law firm, and an intellectual property utilization advisory company, therefore all the necessary expertise can be ensured in-house. All the accumulated multidisciplinary expertise and experience is offered for the good of our Clients via a “one-stop-shop” system.

There are already 50 patents available in the IP marketplace, either from individuals or from big companies such as MOL. Various patents from the area of biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy, construction and heavy industry, information and communication technology, agriculture and food, and the oil industry can be found in the IPMall for licensing.